Blue Crown Software employs several technologies and tools to design, develop and maintain our enterprise solutions. It is essential to choose the correct technologies and tools to ensure that specific goals are met when developing enterprise solutions such as security, reliability and scalabilty. Innovation and application design contribute greatly to the successful outcome of an enterprise project and must be implemented with the correct tools. Some of the major technologies and tools that Blue Crown Software employs are databases, web servers, operating systems and programming languages.


Blue Crown Software utilizes the MySQL (http://www/ database for all enterprise applications to ensure that all data is reliable and quickly available. MySQL has proven itself as the leader in databases in all aspects as well as cost effectiveness.

Web Server:

Blue Crown Software uses the Jetty web servlet container from Mortbay Consulting ( Jetty provides our enterprise solutions with the best light weight container for delivering content quickly and without all the extra overhead.

Operating System:

All of our enterprise systems must be reliable and secure. This requires an operating system that can deliver these requirements. We use linux based operating systems for all of services to ensure these requirements are met in a cost effective manner.

Programming Language:

At the core of all our enterprise solutions is the Java programming language provided by Sun MicroSystems. Java has provided the necessary flexiblity to innovate the applications we need to complete our solutions.

We are committed to delivering projects on time and under budget. Solutions are highly scalable and provide maximum exposure for increased profits.

Innovation and hard work are the cornerstones of our business. We can provide the solutions that will allow your business to reach new profit potentials.


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